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Overview of Our Process and Services 

Desktop Publishing

Your page layout should follow certain guidelines to help with readability. Not all of your audience likes to read so successfully capturing interest and enticing people to read your content requires careful page layout consideration. Your documents’ first impression is experienced through the graphics and layout then through the content. Vail will help you stand out from the competition with guidance on the structure of the document, editing, and utilizing graphics, charts, and photo imagery to match your company brand. We have over 30 years of combined experience applying graphic design and desktop publishing to business documents. In our hands, your documents will attract readers and allow your message to shine through.

Our Process

  • Find out about your company and strategize.
  • Relay any specific requirements – size, file type, deadline, etc.
  • Provide content and any photos, logos, etc. you would like used in the design.
  • Be as detailed as you would like or let our designers run with it. 
  • Designer will follow-up with any additional questions or needs.
  • Design layouts will be provided for you to review.
  • Once design direction is chosen, then the document will be completed and sent for review, edits and finalizing. Three rounds of edits are included in the cost.


Professional | Creative | Respectful

Document Design Services

For nearly a decade, our team worked in a Marketing Department for a Fortune 100 company. This was an incredibly fast-paced, detail-oriented environment. We continue to bring those skill sets and drive into all of our work. We understand both extremes of taking the time to make it just right and being efficient with a sense of urgency as well as everything in between!

  • Template Design
  • Form Design
  • Booklet Design
  • Cover Design
  • Proposal Design



Renderings and Photo Editing

Renderings & Photo Editing

Vail also offers specialty services such as renderings and photo editing. The house rendering shown here was hand drawn with pen and ink and then colored using Photoshop. The client was a realtor whom wanted to give her client a special gift for the sale of their beloved family home.

Also shown here is a client that needed all the cars and debris removed in order to showcase how much land this home actually offered. The client was concerned that the potential buyers would not be able to visualize that and would be turned off so we were happy to help fix that problem. Whatever your needs are, we are happy to put our talent to work for you!








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Professional | Creative | Respectful​ | Professional | Creative | Respectful​